John Carver
Made by: Parker C.
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John carver, the first govener of Plymouth colony in 1620.  John Carver, willian Bradford, Edward Winsillow, and William Brewster diecided to start a new life in the new world so they took 104 other purtians to the new colony and called it Plymouth. During the first winter of Plymouth the Pilgrams had almost no food, John Carver almost died of illness.  John carver was finally elected govener of the Plymouth colony right after the signing of the mayflower compact.  The mayflower compact said that it legelly-binded them to have a self goverment until the Company got formal permission from the council of New England.  John Carver was an amazing govener and a great leader. John Carver was a wealthy london merchant that served one year at the Plymouth colony first govenor.  He was a very responsiable choice but after John's death William  Bradford took his place as govener of Plymouth.  Plymouth lasted for a good 80-100 years.

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