Sexist Advertisement

About a Commercial by the Axe Company

A Sexist Advertisement by Axe

This is a sexist commercial about Axe, which is a company that sells mens' body spray and other shower-based products.

The concept in itself in offensive – but that is made worse by the exaggerated themes used in the commercial. If a person would be attracted to the gender group targeted in the ad – it should be from something less ‘sexual’. It is somewhat sexual in the fact that mens’ body sprays typically have a smell – otherwise there would be no other factor for that ‘potential’ attraction, except with appearance.

The woman in the video is actually basically there for her own appearance – in general standards, she is kind of ‘pretty’, within that concept by itself. Another factor within that is the clothes she is wearing: they have a dual purpose. Functionality and attractiveness are both played at by the skin tight two piece she is wearing: it shows how fit she is and caters to men in general through the same factor – fitness and tonicity.

The action that sums up those different types of sexist factors is the concept of her going after the man portrayed in the video. By some standards – he looks sort of average, but is also pretty ‘fit’ in the sense that he is lean. In the entire ad – every person shown is lean, which supports the fact that it caters to specific audiences. Those audiences obviously don’t include other types of people – because no one would actually pole vault into a building after breaking the window down, unless it was sort of a very weird incident – which is made weirder by the unrealistic throw made by the woman. This is due to the fact that the scenery is presented in an also unrealistic way – I don’t think anyone could have made that throw. It suggests that she is inhuman.

At the end of the commercial, also, the pants that the guy was wearing is thrown out of the window to the sound of a woman laughing. This implies that she was really aiming for him, for applying the body spray – even though the man is shown to only have used it around the middle of the advertisement.

The scene with the pants being thrown is followed by a scene of another woman crawling slowly around on all fours, with the sound of a growl being played over that scene – as if she is actually an animal, possibly going after the same guy. This is also very sexist.

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