British Columbia's Mount Bishop

Mount Bishop

Mount Bishop Would be a perfect site to put a ski resort because of it's Climate, Natural Landscape, Vegetation, Soil and the mountain's natural geology


        Areas along the south coast have a mild climate year-round. Summers on the coast are warm, with daytime temperatures around 20°C. B.C.’s coastal regions have the mildest winters in all of Canada, and temperatures rarely drop below freezing. The interior and central regions of the province have hotter summers, with temperatures in July often reaching 30°C or more. Winters are colder and snowier than in coastal regions. In the north, winters are long and cold with lots of snow, and summers are short. Along the north coast, there is a lot of rain in the spring, summer and fall, and the winters are cold.


Mount Bishop is a mountain located North of # Mount Seymour Provincial Park and in very close proximity to North Vancouver. Mount Bishop is a part of the Fannin Range in British Columbia. It is a part of the North Shore Mountains, rising from the shores of Indian Arm to a height of 1,509 metres (4,951 ft).

Vegetation and Soil

The vegetation of British Columbia ranges from wet coastal forest to dry interior grassland and from sea level salt marsh to alpine tundra. There are many different types of Vegetation systems because of it's large range of temperatures and moisture levels. Most of Mount Bishop's region in British Columbia is cover in forests, mainly Coniferous forest but also contains a small Deciduous. Though Mount Bishop is covered in a Coniferous forest, other mountain tops are mainly covered in scrub. Approximately 80% of British Columbia is covered in grass and that percentage includes Mount Bishop, however a lot of that grass is covered in snow. There are various different types of soils in British Columbia, but the the most common soil, by far is Brunisol soil. This soil is usually in well forested ecozones. The easiest way to identify this type of soil is by its brownish colour. This type of soil is not very good for growing vegetation, and agriculture because this soil is found under most pine trees. The ground becomes very acidic because the pine needles, from the pine trees, fall, and are deposited into the ground, where they are broken up in the soil.


The physical landscape of British Columbia is composed of a great variety of landforms and materials. It ranges from spectacular, soaring peaks in the Rocky Mountains, to alluvial plains in the Lower Fraser Valley and lava plateaus in the central interior. British Columbia has a range of Intrusive Igneous Rocks form syenite, through granitic types, to diorite. It also contains Volcanic rocks and Metamorphic rocks but igneous rocks are most common

Canada's Piece of the western Cordillera

Human Activities

British Columbia's mountain ranges have endless amounts of activities to do because of their location. Near the coast activities such as Fishing, Jet skiing, scuba diving and swimming are popular. As you get  more in land however, activities such as hiking, mountain biking, parachuting, site seeing and camping are common. The most popular thing to do however, is snowboarding and skiing. All the mountains provide great places to ski and snowboard and this is why we would like to open a resort on mount Bishop.

Potential Climate Change

Though Canada's piece of the western cordillera has a large variety of Climates, from cold up north. warm and windy near the coast and warm and dry towards the southern and eastern areas, The climates in those areas tend to stay the same. The only major threat that can cause a serious climate change would be global warming. As severe as global warming can be it still doesn't occur fast enough for us not to be able to provide the necessary changes to different areas. For example, the warmer it gets the less snow there will be on top of the mountains. This can be easily solved by creating artificial snow and playing it along the mountain.

Potential Risks

though we are located near the coastline the resort will be placed on top of a mountain so risk of tsunamis and flooding are very low. The only real danger in our location would be the isolation. As stated before, the resort would be located on a mountain so if there were to be any sort of issue on the mountain the appropriate supplies or medical aid needed would be far. there will be medics and doctors on the mountain however the resort cannot provide full treatments that a hospital could.


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