My Best Work

By:Kelvin Narvaez

                                       This Is My Best Work I Have Ever Created

This Game Was Created On Roblox Studio Witch Is Program where you make your own game and then publish it to Roblox Where people play your games and could end up on the front page.
This project also included animation because of the animation we have created for the game.

My 2nd Best Work Is Down Below

The Project Below Is My Favorite Presentation.

                                          Here Is The Link To The Presentation


In here i show the details about the future coming battlefront 3 on this page where they add incredible animation when moving to another slide.

The Presentation below is My Company Logo And Card

The 4th Project I will show you is My one and best design in fashion.

This design is made for teen because it has a Radio,Jetpack,And is a normal backpack.

And my last project was my first project in the year its number 5 because it wasent that fun.
This project included taking pictures of the listed items we were handed .

The following presentation its like a protest,this project is  running on pages witch is where we write almost write everything in the class.

The following project is my post on a blog.people can see your post,because it your won website.

I cannot show this one either so i will talk about it,here we made movies,and trailers on i movie and we used the video from the cameras that we had.

The next project i cannot show because of technical difficulties,but i will talk about it,in this project we created a mix of 3 music videos to make one whole music track.

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