House of Robots by James Patterson
Illustrated by Chris Grabenstein
Book Report by Rochelle D.


The genre of this story is fiction. Even though robots are indeed real, the events that occur in this story CANNOT happen. For example, a robot riding a bike into the sunset. But for now, we can just use our imagination.


Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez is a boy who does not have your average family. His younger sister Maddie, was born with a weak immune system; Therefore, she can easily get sick just from someone else's sneeze. But she doesn't let that get to her. She still get tutored at home by robots. His mom and dad create robots that aid the family with different tasks. For example, E. E is a robot in testing to find out what he's good for. Both of Sammy's parents send E to school, and E not only corrected most of the teachers, he caused a food fight and got send home on the first day of school. Because Sammy's parents are in a band with the principle, she decides to let E stay at the school. As the story progresses on, Sammy's parents continue to make new robots. Sammy's mom continues to repair E, and he may be able to go back to school with Sammy again. Even worse, Sammy's sister, Maddie, has become sick again, with her temperature reaching up to 105°F. The ambulance came for her, and Sammy's parents won't let him see her. But while he's home alone, a black SUV is parked at the end of his driveway. As he investigates, the car leaves. The next day, Maddie came home from the hospital. Maddie just pushes the situation off like it was no deal at all. Soon, Mom fixes E, or as Sammy likes to call it, "Error". E soon becomes popular at the school now that he's been reprogramed. Near the end of the story, E is "robo-napped", and it causes the whole household, including the other robots to feel depressed. Then Sammy realizes that is was the suspicious black SUV. E even gave Sammy a license plate number before he was kidnapped. In three boxes, E is found broken in pieces. The SUV is tracked to the University of Notre Dame, but the researchers didn't do it! The school bully Cooper Elliot did it. Eventually E is fixed, and the last illustration is Sammy and E on bikes riding off into the sunset.


Sammy: kind, curious, adventurous, friendly

Cooper Elliot: rude, disrespectful, unfriendly, bullies                                                                               

Mr. Rodriguez (Dad): creative, talented, adventurous, passionate

Ms. Hayes- Rodriguez (Mom): bold, creative, talented, genius

Maddie (sister): optimistic, brave, caring

Hayseed: a robot that takes care of the crops (basically a farming robot)

Mr. Moppenshine: a robot that cleans the house

Drone Malone: a robot that can investigate and do homework for you

E: intelligent, caring, outgoing, funny

Blitzen: a "linebacker" turned lawn mower

Main Settings:

Home: quiet, picturesque, fascinating, huge

School: crowded, lively, compact, contemporary


I'd recommend this food to most people who are intrigued by the idea of robots. I'd also recommend this book to those who like drawings that aren't fancy and are in black and white. James Patterson tells the story in a way where children can relate to it better.  


I noticed that the writing was very descriptive, but it still reminded me of how a kid would write a story because of the vocabulary. The book was also written in first person instead of third person.

The illustrations were quick sketched but were still neat and look like how a kid my age would draw, so this made the book seem a bit more realistic.

This book reminded me of another James Patterson series called Middle School. It has the same realistic feel because James Patterson and the illustrator Chris Tebbetts made the book feel as if a child is actually writing the story.

My connection with the story is that at one point I was picked on, so I can understand what life was like for Sammy. I also feel like I share many of the same traits as the characters in the story such as intelligence, kindness, and creativity.

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