3,2,1 blast off!  Just as scientists are accomplishing their dream of traveling in space, NASA is thinking about giving civilians a chance to experience space.  I think civilians should not be allowed to travel to space.  It's takes a lot of training, it costs loads of money, and you are taking this chance away from a scientist who could find some new and interesting information that could not be found by a regular civilian.

It takes a lot of training to become ready for space.  But it's not just the training that takes long, you have to be very healthy to be able to go into space.  It may take months, or even years until you are healthy, fit, and ready for space.

Don't forget all the cash!  It costs a lot of money to travel into space.  And even if you have enough money for space, you may not be picked to go.  When you think about how you want to spend your dough, are you really thinking about wasting it all, just to go to space?

Even though going to space is a once in lifetime opportunity, and it sounds cool, and fun, you would be taking this chance away from a scientist.  That doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but the scientist would go into space to study it.  He or she could make a new discovery and find their studies to be true.  I think that's more important than having a civilian find a "space rock."

In conclusion, I think civilians shouldn't be allowed in space.  It takes a lot of training, it cost to much, and NASA will lack new discoveries.  If you yourself had the chance to experience space, would you take it?

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