Exploration for the New World

By : Sruthi Venkatesan

The New World

   Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, I am here today to ask you to fund me for my new exploration to the New World. I have come to know that France and Spain are exploring there too. Your Majesty, we also must explore the New World to take what is rightfully ours. The New World is a chance for us to gain power and wealth. If you fund my on this expedition I will claim territory in your name.

   I am going to the explore the east coast of the New World. The east coast is a lot closer to our land and I can get there quicker than if I were to go to the west. Supposedly, the Native there, are to talk of seven cities of gold. Many explorer have heard that and have rant here to look for it. Of course being in the middle of an unknown land means getting lost. As they failed they earned a bad name and were never heard from again. England is very crowded at this time and we must transfer our people to the New World once we claim it. Many explorers have been reported of not having enough supplies. So therefore it will help us to be closer to our home land. I can also bring the many riches I find faster.

   As we all know there are going to be conflicts and obstacles I will have to go through. When I do reach the west coast of course there will be Natives blocking my way. I will bring along with me on my journey many weapons and armor to fight. If that doesn't work out, and my crew chickens out, then I will have to do it they old fashion way, trade. I will trade with them what ever they want as long as they let us cross. Of course there will be chances that I might not make it back, but don't worry I will be prepared. If you fund me I will be on my way as soon as I can. I will gratefully represent our country in the very best way I can.  For England!!!!!             

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