Regular Cigarettes are killing you switch to E Cigarettes!

Switch now!


- E Cigarettes will save you tons of money. The typical smoker spends about $5,300 a year on cigarettes. E Cigs will save you $2,052 a year.

-E Cigarettes have less toxic-ins than regular cigarettes. Regular cigarettes contain over 649 chemicals that are toxic to all organs of the body. E cigarettes only contain 32 of those toxic-ins.

-E cigarettes don't burn tobacco, no carbon monoxide, no odor no smoke.

-E cigarettes don't give other people 2nd hand smoke. According to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco 42,000 people a year die from 2nd hand smoke related deaths. All from cigarettes.

Myths about E Cigarettes:

Myth#1: E Cigarettes can explode in your face.

Not true! unless you mess with e-cig liquid, use batteries not meant for your model, or just simply ignore the instructions. It will not explode.

Myth#2:  E Cigarettes can cause cancer too.Not true. Studies are emerging that dispel this myth. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and leave behind no tar, so the main carcinogenic components are not present to create a problem, like cigarette smoke.

Myth#3: Teenagers can purchase E cigarettes.

Kids and teenagers will have the same problem trying to purchase E- Cigarettes, as they would trying to purchase regular tobacco cigarettes. You have to be 18 to purchase tobacco products. Or even 19 in some states.


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