World War I Photo Essay

This photograph is an example of a cause leading to World War I. It is Bosnian Serb nationalist before being captured and taken in Sarajevo police station. Taking place after

assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife of Austria - Hungry. Citizens began to revolt for pride of their countries.  #causeofWorldWarI #revolt #pride

Citizens lives back at home who were not serving in the military also changed. This picture was taken in Michigan, United States of women contributing to war efforts by welding weapons and technologies to be sent to fighting allies. As the war went on countries manufacturing industries increased in order to compete with other countries large production quantities. Resulting in citizens to have more job opportunities and various occupations to open up.  #homefront #weapons #industries #womeninvolvment

Citizens lives changed dramatically when an individual in a family had to leave to serve in the military. Above is a picture of a soldier leaving behind is wife and children as he heads to war. Women whose husbands left for combat usually found themselves taking on a job to support their families. Many families said goodbye to their loved ones not knowing when they would be back next time or if they ever would. #homefront #sayinggoodbye #tornappart #families

Above is a photograph of German soldiers defending their trench with snipers near the Western front. It was necessary to wear gas masks for protection from newly developed ammunition effects. Ammunition began to be made with poisonious gasses causing deadly side effects if inhaled. Stahlhelm helmets were also worn to protect soldiers from items dropped from above the trench from opposite rivals. #Technology #Weaponry #trench #battlesite  

Soldiers lives were the most difficult life styles of World War I. Above is a photograph of a German regiment who more than likely fought and died together. Friendships made were often strong but torn apart by disaster of losing that friend. These troops became each others family they ate, lived together, and took care of one another.   #troops #regiment #brothers

This photograph was taken of troops loading shells onto their battleship. This is an example of new technology because throughout the war countries began to build larger ships. With larger ships meant more cargo and more ammunition to fight off attackers. This battle ships carried new machinery to and from battleground such as tanks and cannons. #Weaponry #Technology #loading #navalpowers #goingtosea

Soldiers lives consisted of fast paced moving traveling with little time to rest. Above is a picture of French troops resting on the side of a dirt road on their way to their next destination. A lifestyle like this could become bad for their health with many diseases passed around; sleep would have been a good prevention from getting them.  Also this shows that troops mostly sleep in unfamiliar places never knowing the city or community they stopped in.  #Trooops #road #resting #citytocity

This image is a representation of the impact of the war leaving many cities in ruins. In this photo the location is Dixmude, Belgium after a destructive attack took place. Many built up cities now appeared like Hell on Earth with buildings in crumbles and many deceased bodies all over the streets. #aftermath #destruction #crumblingcity

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