It was a nebula which is the first stage in the star's life. As time went by it started to grow.


The star then forms into the second part of the stage which is a protostar. After this it keeps growing and becomes a star.

High mass star

This is the third stage of the star's life in which it becomes a main sequence star. Throughout the time the star gets bigger and uses more energy.

Red giant

As the star gets bigger it becomes a red giant. It also starts to use a lot more energy and s close to the end of its cycle.


This is the stage in which the star dies and creates an explosion called a supernova. When it explodes it can either become a white dwarf or a black hole.

Black hole

This is the final stage of the star in which it becomes a black hole. The gravity of a black hole is so strong that not even light can escape its pull.

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