Feet, Meters, and Poetry

Below is a Powtoon that highlights notes for you on the most common feet and meters in poetry.  Please view the Powtoon on your Chromebook and I would like four you to think about the four different meters that are discussed in in the video: Anapest, Dactyl, Iamb, and Trochee. I would like for you to click the link below and complete the following steps on Padlet: 1. Define each word. 2. Select one common foot and give an example of what it looks like. 3. Select a different common foot and surf the Internet to find a picture that illustrates that form. Please explain the form that is being used in your picture. Upload the picture to your Padlet. You will work in groups of 2 during this assignment. Both people should be responsible for providing information for the Padlet. One person should type and the other may present when it is time to present the Padlet to the class.  PLEASE CLICK THE "CUSTOMIZE YOUR BUTTON LABEL HERE" BUTTON BELOW TO VIEW A SAMPLE OF WHAT STUDENT WORK SHOULD LOOK LIKE.

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