Exit Portfolio 2014
by Katelyn Norrie

Character Traits


  I've shown a great amount of leadership throughout the Grade Eight year. The reason I made the athletic council was because I'm a leader.  I naturally take control in most group situations.  Also I work well with new people.  To be a leader you need to try your best while having fun; which i do.  I'm very proud of myself for developing a great trait like leadership.

ADAC at Cedar Ridge


  I'm very glad that one of the traits I have obtained is responsibility.  I'm responsible for my things and actions because I'm good at time management and taking care of my possessions.  I'm always prepared to go to class with all of my work which is completed on time.  Being responsible makes it much easier to stay on top of work while attending after school actives.  Having the trait of responsibility has really helped me get ready for new adventures.   


  I've been able to succeed throughout the Grade Eight year because I'm very mature.  With this trait I'm able to focus well in class although my friends aren't.  This has allowed me to get ahead on assignments or reduce the amount of homework I'm reviving.  Being mature means i can be trusted with big responsibilities and lean a helping hand to busy teachers.  Maturity is a great trait to have in serious situations.  An example would be paying attention in class when the teacher is ready to teach.  I'm very lucky to have this trait throughout my life.   


  Another trait I have shown is being trustworthy.  It's been shown by the amount of friends I have earned because I'm trustworthy.  A lot of my friends and teachers depend on me  to trust them with things like marking tests, using their keys and telling the truth.  My friends and family also depend on me to help them out and to be in places at certain times,  making me trustworthy. Being trustworthy is a excellent trait that I'm hoping to keep.

Me and some of my friend

Video Clip

  This video inspires me because it shows someone who struggles in life but over comes their problems.



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