Columbian Exchange

The Columbian exchange is an exchange between the old and new world. If there wasn't this exchange then we wouldn't have most of the things that we have today. The Columbian exchange mad a big impact o our world today.

Pumpkins came from the New World. They went back to the old world and they found various things to make from pumpkins. Pumpkin pie is a popular food that is made from pumpkins.

Cocoa beans came from the New World to the Old World. If they didn't send cocoa beans to the old world we wouldn't have chocolate, chocolate ice cream, and other cocoa bean products.

Cows came from the Old World and went to the New World. If we didn't have cows today in the New World and only in the Old World then we would have exported goods coming from the Old World. We could also not have some of the dairy products that we have today in the New World.

Honey bees came from the Old World and came to the New World. Also if we didn't have honey bees in the New World then we wouldn't have honey of other things made with honey if we didn't have the honey bees to produce the honey.

Corn came from the New World and went to the Old world. Corn is a big part of today's society. Corn is used in many tradition dishes from all over the world. Many cultures have corn and they use it for many different things, such as cow feed, corn on the cob, and many more other foods.