Tommy's Dreams

By: Tommy Le 🙏💯

Dream Car

2013 Lexus GS 350

Dream House

Kirby Place Apartments

Travel Dream

Bora Boraz

Favorite Meal

Dream College

University of Houston

Dream Job

Sales Manager

Sales managers make $132,413 annually.

Gross Salary - $7,724

Other Wanted Travel Dreams


I want to visit Tokyo because of it's really cool and interesting places to visit there. The Japanese culture are very interesting, and would like to learn more about their culture.


I would like to visit NYC, because the night never ends over there. Also, it is very pretty because of the buildings and lights.


I would like to visit Hawaii, the same reason why I want to visit Bora Bora. I would love to experience traveling with my girlfriend, and spend time out of Houston. The farthest that I have went from Houston is Dallas..

Other Dreams Cars


I want the Corvette because it's the car I always dreamed of having since I was a little kid. Very sporty and fast. Fascinating interior and exterior.

HONDA S-2000

I want the Honda S-2000 because it's very easy to make fascinating. It has the highest death rates in the world, but who cares. We all die in the end 😇


I want a truck so I can drive around looking like I'm grown ..

Trucks are very comfortable but uses lots of gas. I would like to have a truck and a sports car in the future.

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