Three Reasons to Visit Rajasthan during Monsoons

There is something poignant about the monsoons of Rajasthan. Not only does the gushing rainwater alter the earthy brown surface into verdant green lands, but it is something that touches everyone’s hearts and brings boundless joy on the faces of native people here. No wonder, several monolithic structures have been built in this region at locations that offer a brilliant view in order to watch the dance of the clouds.

The rains of Rajasthan are not exactly torrential downpour that places like Mumbai and Kerala encounter; they are more like drizzles with some occasional heavy showers. There are several places to cover and activities that can be done in Rajasthan specifically during the monsoons. Mentioned below are certain facets of Rajasthan that make it one of the best monsoon destinations of India, something that several Rajasthan tour packages fail to mention.

Ditch the Crowd

Monsoons are not the obvious choice of season for many travellers. So if you want a bit of exclusivity in an extremely popular destination, go there during the off-season. For Rajasthan, off season is when it rains. Also, at the same time, ensure that you book a room for yourself in one of the heritage hotels fashioned out of the palaces and Havelis, as monsoon is the time when these hotels offer you amazing discounts of nearly 30–40%, mainly owing to the fact that not many people tour during the monsoons.

Explore the less-trodden Bundi

Jeypore Palace may be called the Versailles of India. The spread of the Pichola Lake at Jodhpur’s House of strife seems as though only giants could have built it. Bundi still does not quite make it to the itinerary of the average traveller; therefore, its less-trampled alleys still successfully hold a brilliant medieval charm.

Teej Festival at Jaipur

The famous Teej Festival of Jaipur is held on an annual basis in the month of July–August. This festival is what marks the advent of monsoon and widely attracts the married womenfolk throughout Rajasthan. This festival is where the women across Jaipur clad themselves in bling and jewellery.

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