The First Amendment

The First Amendment gives US citizens the right to freedom of the press, speech, peaceful protest, religion, and petitions. While these are rights given to every single resident in the United States, they often go alongside prejudice towards. For example, Muslims are free to practice their beliefs however they wish, but that does not protect them from being harassed and assaulted on the streets for wearing traditional Muslim clothing. Protesting a minority group's rights and calling them slurs is labeled as "free speech" because you're not outright beating them. Publishing racist or sexist information is considered "Freedom of the Press" since you're allowed to your own opinion. The KKK, a terrorist organization composed of white Christian men, is allowed to hold meetings and protest because they have the right to "peaceful" assembly. According to the United States government, you can publicly display hate speech towards minorities just as long as you're not physically harming them. It's perfectly okay to treat people less than human because they're a different gender/race/religion than you are.

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