great thinkers

Born July 20 1304 d'Arezzo Tuscany died July 19 1374. occupation renaissance humanist,nationality arcinte. Petrarch had two children named Goivanni and Francessca. parents were Eltta Canigaini (mother) and ser Patracco (father). he was a arctine scholar and a poet in renassance italy. He was one of the earliest humanist.

Petrarch is called the Father of Humanism.Modern Italian language based on Petrarch's works.His writings would go on to influence countless others such as Boccaccio to write his own great works. And centuries later others such as Shakespeare would study his works and copy his sonnets.

While Petrarch lived he almost lost most of his family do to a hash plague. The all died victims of a disease. So now a days people see and read bout him all throughout the world.

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