Tahitian Culture

By: Jubalee Krisher

Tahitian people

The peope of Tahiti are very down to earth and spirited. They enjoy going to festivals and having a celebration any time.


Tahiti is famous for its food, and throughout the island there are excellent resturants offering French, Italian, Polynesian, American, and Chinese resturants. Hotels offer a simple buffet or a gourmet dinner plan. The most popular drink in Tahiti is beer.


Tahitian clothes are very nice and calming. Many of their clothes have a floral print to represent the tropical feel of the islands. Black Pear design is the most popular place to get your clothes from. They include nice floral print and many different styles.


The most common Tahititan instrument is theTari parau, It is a double headed cylinder drum. One side has a low pitched bass and the other side has a higher pitched noise.


Tahitian dancing involves being able to move quickly and swiftly. It takes many weeks of practice to perform a dance routine. Being able to hit the move takes skill to. The dance in this picture takes the count of a 1....2....3....4.........5 count. If you can't count that in your head you wont have much luck.


The people of Tahiti speak Te Reo Tahiti. Every syllable ends in a vowel. There are o silent letters. Sample text would be.... fanauhia te tā'āto'ara'a o te ta'atātupu ma te ti'amā e te ti'amanara'a. Thats how Tahiti people write.


Tahitian houses are made of bamboo, sticks, and wood. They represent  traditional architecture.Most modern houses are styled like european houses.  


Tahiti is located in southern pacific french polynesia.


Tahiti has a very beautiful lanscape so we hope to see you come.

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