Do you find yourself forgetting things, mad because you just had a great thought and forgot what it was? You just know that great idea was going to make you a million and now you can't remember how to do it or even what it was all about! Did you forget where your car is parked!!! Worst of all, you can't remember your friends, associates or even your family members names!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!


The most important organ in our bodies is the brain. It controls everything that we are, from breathing to heart performance, information resources, self determination and improvement, just about everything that we do and accomplish.

The health of your brain is contingent on the maintenance of it. The healthier you keep it the more you can accomplish, create and grow.

The functioning of your brain is like the focus on a binocular. The sharper you focus on an image the more you understand what that image means to you. If the image is blurry you just can't determine the importance of the meaning of that object.

If your brain is not up to the peak of performance, your focus becomes blurred and it takes you longer to understand the importance of what you are focusing in on.

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