A Picture Book of the Great War

There were 2 major things that started WW1. One was Kaiser WIlhelm II slowly building up anxiety in Europe over the years. When he came into power in Germany, Wilhelm seemed to start preparing for a war, so this encouraged neighbouring countries to do the same. The second event that kicked off WW1 was the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary.

One of things that made WW1's battles so brutal and indifferent from any war is that WW1 introduced automatic weapons known as 'machine guns'. They were better known as Lewis guns or Maxim guns because of the manufacturer's last name. These guns were propped up in trenches and brought many many casualties to the total death count of WW1.

Another piece of war tech was the hot-air observation(scouting) balloon. The observation balloon was used to spot many entrenchments of mortars, howitzers, and/or machine gun nests. These balloons could also bomb the entrenchments and other opposing buildings so long as there wasn't a anti-aircraft gun nearby which could easily take the balloon down in seconds.

Soldiers at war had to worry about the constant threat of chemical-gasses, trench raids, and mortar shells raining from above, but did you know that lack of hygiene and injuries were also large factors of soldiers deaths? Any soldier on any side of the war all had it the same with becoming sick or getting injured, they wouldn't be helped. There was a lack of medical supplies so most that were injured or sick had to walk it off or suffer in most cases.

Soldiers weren't just robots and only had desire to fight in the war, they were human like anyone else and needed rest and recreation. After a battle, the typical soldier would cook a simple meal, write a letter home, or play card games with fellow soldiers. For the most part, sleep was a big thing among any soldier.

The people of a country that was involved in that war had to support it in any way possible. The most usual thing that civilians typically did was send food rations to soldiers on the front lines. If not food then cigars or books.

Women played a strong role in both WW1 and WW2 by producing most of the weapons and ammunition for these wars. Since the men had to go fight in the war, many important jobs were left open and certain jobs were made just for the war. These jobs had to be filled, so women were the only people who were available to do so.

At the end of WW1, the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 1919 to stop war between Germany and all the allies. To go along with it, the US made an organization called the League of Nations that would try to prevent any form of battling or war that might start between all the countries that joined the League of Nations.

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