3 Concept Ideas

Idea 1: Since it's the interactive white board the game will need to be educational and fun so the students that do play it will enjoy it and not get board. First game will have 2 players one will be a cop and one will be the robber and the point of this for the play how is the robber to get to the end. The only way that any play can move places is by answering a question correctly. The visual style will be cartoon since that game is aimed at young children. One some of the questions that they answer they will be given a chose if they would like another question to move another space, but if they get it wrong they don't move any spaces.  Race to the end.

Idea 2: This is a 2 player or team game since you will be answering questions. You will be going ageist over players to collect as many injured people you can in your ambulant. How this works is by each play picks a question to answers it can either be a 1 to 3 star question and then they can move as many spaces to how many stars the question was worth. The player or team that collects the most injured people wins. The game will have a time limit of 15 mins and you're only allowed 15 seconds per question. The art style will be cartoon since it's for children. Collection. b

Idea 3:  One player as an ambulance and one plays as a Firetruck. Each day which lasts for 5 mins they need to go around helping people to try to get more points than the other play. When they reach the place they will need to answer a question that has 4 possible answers about what to do in that situation. The quicker you answer the question the more points you will get and the player with 20 points win. Each question will give a maximum of 5 points. And the player can chose which question they want to go to.  After 5 mins the next player will play but and get the chance to beat his score. Collection.  

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