Magna Carta Exploration

By: Spencer Johnson and Kayla Barr

Part 1:

All people and their descendant's liberties must abide by the written liberties below.

All people are to abide by the written rules.

Part 39:

No person is to be put in prison or stripped of rights/possessions, or sent away without a lawful judgement by his equal peers or the law of the land proving he did wrongful.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Part 40:

All citizens are to be treated equal when served justice.

All citizens in America are to be treated fairly regardless of their background, race, gender, etc.

Part 41:

All merchants wishing to sell in other countries are allowed to do so without being fearful of the old "consequences." But they are not to trade with a country, we are at war with.

All merchants have free trade to trade with whoever they wish to trade with unless we are at war with the country we are at war with.

Part 42:

In the future, it is legal for any person to leave and return to the kingdom without fear instilled in them and unharmed regardless of where they go. Except in war, they are not to leave the kingdom for their own safety.

We can travel and return back to wherever we wish to go without being denied it and without getting terrorized.

Part 60:

All parts mentioned in the document are to be abided by all persons regardless of class.

All laws are to be followed by all persons regardless of if you are the president or if you live on the streets.

Part 63:

On the 15th of June of 1217, all these laws are to be abided by and all persons must swear to keep to these laws of the land.

In order to be apart of our country, all people wishing to become an American Citizen must be "sworn in." They must swear to abide by our laws and pledge their allegiance to our country.

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