Dred Scott vs John Sanford

Dred Scott was a slave for  Dr. John Emerson, "a surgeon with the U.S. Army, purchased Dred Scott, a slave, and eventually moved Scott to a base in the Wisconsin Territory. Slavery was banned in the territory pursuant to the Missouri Compromise".(PBS.org) Scott lived there for 4 years. When Emerson went away he hired himself to jobs. In 1840 his family moved to Louisiana and than to St. Louis with Emerson. Dred master Emerson died so all of his slave went to his wife. Dred scott wanted to pay for his freedom but Emerson wife refuse and so dred Scott took her to the court and won but than he had to pay for the debt he own. After awhile Emerson wife remarried and the slaves went to the younger brother John Sanford.

John Sanford took Dred Scott to the Missouri Supreme Court. John Sanford won and Dred Scott was a slave again. After awhile Dred Scott took john Sanford to the Supreme Court of the United States and lost because he might have been and citizen of a free state but not a citizen of the "United States ".

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