The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Rode, the story of the journey and trip through Kiva, and making the dream, a reality.

Written and posted by George

This is where it all began, and where it ended, and where it happened... and where we did it... and... we didn't really go anywhere else. But, here we are, Town School for boys. In the Sixth Grade Math room. Ms. Goggin tells us the plan, and we must react, rethink, and revaluate until we come to a final conclusion and idea.

This is the Kiva project, the legendary simulation students talk about for years. Where the students, become the borrowers, and the teachers, become the lenders.

The Kiva project lasts about five months through the middle of the year in Sixth Grade Core Plus Math class. It is a simulation and reenactment of the process of applying for a loan and selling products through Kiva. Sixth graders will all (in groups of three to four) plan a business and ask for small loans from teachers. After that, they will buy products and sell them to fellow students.

My company is Prestige Worldwide, and if there is one word to describe us, its winners.

Global Competence

Global competence is the in depth knowledge and understanding of issues around the globe, and the skills necessary to succeed in today's world.

Complexity of World Issues

Is the interpretation of common and obscure issues throughout the world. Poverty, equality for race and gender, religious battles, and many more are all touchy subjects with many. There can be endless viewpoints and ways to go about solving these issues, all benefiting one group more than another. It is important to understand the complexity of these issues if you were to discuss them, for not understanding or not thinking about multiple perspectives can lead to biased and untruthful thoughts and opinions.

Communication and Collaboration

We had to use this skill when we decided what product our company was going to sell and how we wanted to run our business as well as most of our Kiva work throughout the year. We had to talk and communicate with each other a lot about who was going to take on what load, and do certain work.

I think that we were very challenged by this though. I think that using only one of our iPads at a time was hard, considering that most of the work was on iPads or Chromebook, and if not using a device, finding something affective to do was hard. I think we also struggled with this because we did disagree often about our project. Some of us felt more compelled to take our time, whereas others might have felt we needed to rush. All-in-all, I think this concept was definitely one of the harder and more complex that we faced.

What it's Like to be a Borrower

I think that the experience of being a borrower is very complex and interesting because it made me really think about money management and the many different ways of using it. It was funny to see how much we all valued one dollar. We definitely had to make sacrifices and work with the other members of our group because of what we wanted our money. The most stressful time was waiting for the money to come in. We all were asking if a group has never been funded, and stressing out before we even had a real business. I think that another level of stress is also brought upon when you realize it isn't even your money, its the borrowers.

"If you are not successful, that means you're not making enough mistakes." -Robert Kiyosaki

I think that this is a prime example of the feeling of Kiva. It shows how you must take risks, and you can't be f

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