ISIS Is Created

ISIS is a well funded and organized group of people consisting of different religions who have joined together to fight a common enemy out of fear. ISIS was created after a religious genocide that took place in Syria because the dictator, Bashar al-Assad, killed over 200,000 people and uprooted another million from their homes. Some other groups that faced oppression were Lebanon's Hezbollah, Iraq's Shia Islamist militias and their supporters, and Iran's Revolutionary Guards. These groups of orginially protested peacefully to try and regain their rights but quickly realized that peaceful protests were not going anywhere so they became violent. al-Assad had created an allaince with al-Qaeda but did not necessarily get support from them because the United States has wiped out a lot of al-Qaeda's leaders creating instability and a void within their group. ISIS was created by opressed people who gathered together to fight a common enemy. For example, the old bully on the block (al-Qaeda) get arrested so a new person (ISIS) " comes into power" or becomes the new bully.

ISIS In Iraq

In Iraq, there is a leader named Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite Muslim, who killed off his Vice President, a man of Sunni religion named, Tariq al-Hashimi. The significance of this murder is that the Sunni people and the Shiite Muslims have hated each other for centuries and this event restired the pot of religious hatred. Many Sunni people joined ISIS out of desperation and fear. A year later, Maliki went after the chief financial minister, a Sunni named Rafea al-Essawi. He fled to safety but the Iraqi concil voted for control of the Kurdistan region but Maliki denied them political power and as a result there millions of Iraqis in Sunni provinces who rose up in civil disobedience against this.

Iraq and Syria Clash

In Syria, Assad and his forces were trying to beat American forces with Iranian al-Qaeda contacts within the country. The al-Qaeda contacts were ordered by the thousands to create chaos at the Syrian-Iraqi boarder which eventually spilled over into Iraq. Once the chaos spilled over, two powerful Sunni tribes lost lots of people and along with former Iraqi and Syrian military officers, joined ISIS and their Jihadists, or militants. ISIS is being well funded by sympathetic people but they also get financial support through less than legal ways, such as ransom demands and blackmail. ISIS is not on a mission to help get people's rights back, instead they insert themselves into chaotic situations in order to try and gain land.

Is This A Just War?

This is not a just war because ISIS is trying to expand their territory by taking advantage of regions in political turmoil and conquring them. They do not meet any criteria of a just war. Many of the victims involved are civilians. Another reason is because there is no legal authority declaring war. ISIS is like Adolf Hitler who came to power in Germany during the depression and people followed his lead because he was their last hope.

Before joining ISIS people tried protesting peacefully but they quickly realized that peaceful measures would not get them their rights back. Some world powers are trying to come up with a militray campaign to go into Syria and Iraq to defeat ISIS.

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