Education and Training

Elementary School Teacher

A elementary school teacher encourages students to get ready for the next grade they are going into next and to encourage new learning opportunities and challenging their abilities. They establish and enforce rules and hold all student responsible for themselves. They teach basic academic, social and other formative skills to students in public or private elementary schools. Elementary school teachers make $42,870 as their average annual wage a year. They also provide a variety of materials that students can manipulate or explore in educational learning activities or in creative play.

Elementary school teacher working with her students.

Middle School Teacher

The middle school teacher teaches one or more subjects to public or private school students between the elementary and high school years. They establish and enforce rules foe behavior to obtain order among all students. They assist students who need extra help in school through tutoring and remedial programs. Their average annual wage $42,160 a year. They instruct through lectures and discussions.

Middle School Teacher looking over a students work


Plans, directs or coordinates the academic, clerical or auxiliary activities of public or private elementary, middle, or high school levels. They enforce all discipline and attendance rules. Their average annual income a year is $67,850. They recruit, hire, and train all staff. they counsel and provide guidance to students.