My Digital Portfolio

By: Anna Sampson

Got Milk. -

I like the way that I did the milk mustache.


I like the way that the trees are.

fruit bowl

I like the way the fruit look and the colors.

eye recolor

I like the teal colors of the eyes.

Lady bug coffee

I like the filter that I used on the lady bugs part

Mr. Melon-head

I think the name that I gave it was funny

Photo Collage

I like how this helped me look back and remember some things from when I was little.

Visual Idioms

I like how I made it look blurry, or I like the filter that I used.

Trick Photography

I like that It looks like I am falling off the side of the Earth.

Alphabet Photography

I like the way that I made the letters.

Photo Scavenger Hunt.

I like how its different pictures from all around the school.

our 8th grade field trip to New York City

White Board project

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2 years ago

Nice work Anna! It was awesome to take a look at all of your hard work and beautiful designs. Thanks for a great semester! Good luck in high school!