App Review: Tap To Play

Developer: Trigger Happy LLC
Price: FREE
Version Reviewed: 1.1.2
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5

Tap to Play is an awesome idea that does not works entirely, something that always frustrating to watch. After figuring out the need that not everyone wants to play a synchronous word games but also its a bit more exciting and action packed and it also allows you to take the turn and complete the mini games. Its is just an unfortunate that the game is not much great for the audience.

At the start there is few games which are unlocked with more gained by using coins that are earned in the game. Each takes little time to learn about what kind of problem. Constantly, there is bird flapping in the air to avoid the missile that needs to tap and tilting it gently. There is a Endless Runner type game with a frog bouncing along with the screen while eating the eating flies and also player have to avoid the obstacles. Later its a simple racing game that also includes the advantage of color-matching title.

The game looks quite pleasant and is also pretty shallow to play. Every game is filled with fun and also it gets more repetitive. In this app, users can take turn either your friends or any random opponents in a bid to get the high score and that's it. Rarely, it feels very much exciting, apart from the fact that users can also chat with them and throw some trash talk from their way. Random opponents aren’t much fun so you need to get a friend involved for maximum enjoyment.

The gaming app Tap to Play is entice that also entices the users regularly playing through excess of game statistics, a leveling-up mechanic and also featuring several social features. But its not quite enough to draw the extended session or two. Its a great idea there is no other stand out factor to make it really exciting.

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