Behavioral & Emotional Disorders


ADHD is a neurobehavioral disorder characterized by distractibility, hyperactivity, and implusivity.

ADD & ADHD are the most common mental disorders among children. They often start showing symptoms around ages 6-7. The symptoms include inability to sit still, pay attention or finish tasks and hyperactivity.

Emotional Behavioral Disorders

Described as 1 or more unexplained inability to learn that can not be explained by intellectual, sensory or health reasons. They are often characterized by the inability to build or maintain interpersonal relationships, aggression, withdraw, excessive fear and anxiety, and/or poor self image.

Informal and formal identification processes. There are no known causes, however genetics may play a factor.

Teaching Tips

1. Keep class rules simple & clear (Post them, say them, have students repeat them)

2. Reward positive behaviors (Use a positive reward system)

3. Allow for mini breaks (I like to call them "Wiggle breaks" and have the students do a short dance or exercise to get all the wiggles out.)

4. Fair treatment for all (Use the same consequences for everyone and do not isolate identified children unless specifically in their ILP)

5. Use motivational strategies (Stickers are gold in elementary school!)

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