Take a trip to Ancient Egypt

Travel back in time to see what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians had a very interesting culture, and we can guarantee that you will have the time of your life. There are super fun activities, restaurants with delectable food, and super cozy hotels to stay at. Call the number below to discuss prices and book your trip.

If interested in renting, call 1-800-TIMETRAVELER

Family fun at the Nile : Osiris' White Water Rafting

White water rafting is an extremely fun thing to do with your family. At Osiris' White water rafting, you can have some fun and enjoy your stay. Osiris is one of the gods of water, and that's where the company got its name. It currently charges $20 an hour to rent a raft, or $50 for 2 hours. If you're in Ancient Egypt, this is definatly something you wouldn't want to miss!

Doesn't this look good?

King tut's Diner

King Tut's diner offers delicious food that they ate long ago. It is the most popular restaurant in Ancient Egypt. They have super fast service also. The menu is :

Bread Basket - $5.99

Veggies, such as beans, chick peas, lentils, and green peas. - $4.99

Veggie soup - $5.99

Fruits, grapes and figs, $5.00

Beer $5.99

Wine - $5.99

Leg of lamb - $14.99

Goat cheese - $6.99

Goat roti - $15.99

Rent a house that they made long ago

Rent a house that was made long ago by the Ancient Egyptians. These houses are made out of sun baked bricks. The people who are renting out the house have added new furniture to make it even more cozy. It will be an awesome experience to live as they did long ago The house is fairly small so this is best for smaller families. The cost is $50 per night and $300 for a week. Call 1-800-ANCIENTHOMES

Rent a camel!

Wouldn't it be fun to actually experience using transportation like they did? Well, now you can! Rent a camel from us! The cost will be $10 per day for a camel, but $60 for a week. We offer discounts on Wednesday. Longer times will be discussed over the phone. Call 1-800-RENTACAMEL

Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses were extremely important to the Ancient Egyptians. They made a god for everything they don't understand. One of the most important Gods was Ra, the god of the sun. Thoth was the God of knowledge, and Isis was the mother god. They had over 2,000 gods, and most gods was a human with an animal head.


The white water rafting will be held at Thebes, and the mummification will be at Tod.

All of the attractions are around that area, the tour of the pyramids will also be at Thebes.

The house will be at Esna, so you wont have to go very far to get to the attractions.

If you are wondering about any of the other attractions call 1-800-INFOEGYPT


Mummies were made so the people could enjoy the afterlife. When mummies were made, they packed people with most of their belongings so they could have them in the afterlife. When mummies are made, the heart is left inside because they thought the knowledge came from it. Sometimes a mummies mouth was kept open to resemble breathing in the afterlife.

We offer cool activities so you can enjoy your stay. You can witness the mummification process yourself, or you can mummify a cat! Call 1-800-MUMMYME


Pyramids were so important to the people in Ancient Egypt because they were used to hold the tombs of their royal kings and Pharaohs when they were made mummies. There are around 138 pyramids in Ancient Egypt. Pyramids were filled with treasures and riches that people needed for the afterlife. They were often robbed, so when they found the people who stole, they would be sentenced to death.

We give tours around the pyramids for a low price, only $5 per person. This is a huge tourist attraction with gorgeous views.


The Pharaohs were the leaders of the government and religon. They owned everyone and everything, but often got help from others. The Pharaohs held court for his top officials and highest priests. Their wives were the second most powerful people in the land.

When you're touring the pyramids, you will also learn some other cool information about Pharaohs, what their jobs were, and you will be able to visit one of their mummy tombs.

What to Pack

When packing for your stay, you have to remember that it is super hot in Ancient Egypt, so you should pack white clothing.

The men wore kilts and the women wore straight dresses, so be sure to pack some of those, along with some comfy pajamas

Wear comfortable shoes like sneakers or sandals that are easy and comfy to walk in for long periods of time.

You will need sunglasses, and black eyeliner to shield your eyes from the burning hot sun. Also bring sunscreen to prevent getting a painful sunburn.

You don't have to, but we recommend that you wear gold or silver jewelry.

Pack your everyday needs such as a toothbrush, money, toothpaste, phone chargers, deoderant a hairbrush, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Cameras are also good to have so you can capture the moment.

Enjoy your stay!!

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