The perspective i have chosen to write about is Australian beach culture. A poem called "THE SURFER".

I have chosen this perspective because i am a surfer and i understand this poem as it reflects what i feel about surfing and even though surfing is an enjoyable and free felt thing, it comes with consequences that can send shivers down your spine. Thats why this poem has spoke to me because i can relate to "the surfer" with ease.

Judith Wright the author of "THE SURFER" expresses what every surfer feels when they are out in the water in Australia and how passionate surfers can be. The poem is about a young strong surfer who loves going to the beach and living on his surfboard. He is very excited at the thought of surfing and even though it can be painful at times when he surfs and slides under "those long banks of foam"

This picture below gives my perspective of what the poem means. The man surfing doesn't relies that there is danger in surfing, although he is riding a perfect wave and having the time of his life the shark behind him indicates that its not all daisies and butterfly's. You can get hurt out in the surf.

"The surfer" is demonstrating that Australian culture is very free and Australian blokes love the surf with the obvious fact that they have brown skin and blonde sun kissed hair.

The perspective of this poem is that Australians are passionate about there beaches and love the feeling of surfing.For eg "He thrust his joy against the weight of the sea;

climbed through, slid under those long banks of

foam". Australian culture is beautiful yet dangerous, that's the perspective of Australian culture being represented in this poem.For on the sand the grey-wolf sea lies, snarling,

cold twilight wind splits the waves’ hair and shows
the bones they worry in their wolf-teeth"

My own perspective is very similar to the one represented in the poem. Except for the fact that not all surfers are remarkably muscly, have dark tanned skin and have beach blonde hair. eg. "How his brown strength drove through the hollow and coil

of green-through weirs of water!

Muscle of arm thrust down long muscle of water". Thats were i have a different perspective then "the surfer".

This Australian experience is an experience that every Australian should try. Surfing is the universe's gift of being able to feel apart of a different world, an escape to everything on land.

Australian experiences happen when least expected, we tend not to notice what Australia is actually all about and we often forget why Australia is such a wonderful place. Australia has its boiling humid sun , its dangerous animals, its deserts and places that no one would ever know about and it has the people that speak like bogans. In the end without all those down falls we wouldn't be able to call Australia home.