The sewing Machine

by Elias Howe

How elias Howe came to this invention

In 1834 ; walter hunter built america's first (somewhat) successful sewing machine. But later last on he last interest in the sewing machine. And Hunt's machine could only sew straight. Hunt never patent was issued to Elias Howe struggled, first to enlist interst in his machine, then protect his patent from imitators.

How the sewing machine made life easy

Sewing became much easier and quicker, instead of being made for each person, clothes were made in standard sizes. people bought clothes instead of making their own.
It gave women that could afford a sewing machine more time to do something other than sew. Also allowed them to make more dresses for themselves. Gave seamstresses a chance to take on more work, as they could finish it faster. Made the accuracy of stitching better.
it helped people make clothes faster i'm not good at history but i think the answer i wrote above is right.
Industrial sewing machines, by contrast, are larger, faster, more complex, and more varied in their size, cost, appearance, and

Problems the sewing machine solved

  • Sewing machines make the process of sewing much faster and easie
  • Saved lots of time
  • Made more of the save fashins
  • Save little money
  • more time on other things like school
  • Made life easy

Problems it created

  • Skipped Stitches
  • Machine Stops Sewing
  • Breaken cost lots to fix
  • Most of clothing which means people lost a lots of money
  • Takes up a lots of space
  • Big machine
  • Hard to take care of .

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