Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles: Maximizing Outcome Potential

People seeking a lower overall cost for their medications, as well as a more positive and effective therapeutic medication outcome, often find themselves turning to personal pharmacist Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles. An expert pharmacist with over two decades of industry experience, Charles Mitchell continues to provide every client the best on-site medication therapy management services in the field, and to help numerous patients achieve lower costs and better results as safely and effectively as possible.

Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles, who graduated professional pharmacy school in 1993, started his career in the retail pharmacy field, though he often found himself searching for a better and more effective way to utilize his experience to better meet people’s needs. After a short stint working as a drug researcher for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, Mitchell finally found his true calling: the field of medication therapy management. Not only does Mitchell now enjoy the chance to avoid the repetition and impersonal nature of a retail pharmacy, it also provides him the chance to serve people as a knowledgeable resource of both information and assistance, empowering his clients with the info and expert consulting they need to make the best decisions possible.

A trusted expert in his field, Charles Mitchell of Lake Charles continues to provide personalized consulting and services to numerous patients throughout the region, and to be a more effective resource of help and information than he ever thought possible. He now offers on-site services to clients throughout Portland and various places around the world.

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