Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Madelyn Duhamel


                                                  Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the first telephone on March 10th 1876. This invention is important because it helps people communicate faster and communicate over long distances. If we didn't have phones technology would be different and people wouldn't be able to talk other than in person.

First Oil Production

                    Edwin Drake

Edwin Drake was the inventor of the first oil production in the United States. He was also known as colonial Drake. Edwin started In pennsylavinia in 1859. This invention was important because it supplies energy for heat and power. It's also helps the production in plastic, clothes, etc. On top of that all the factories and businesses uses oil, which supplies a lot of jobs for people.

First Light Bulb.

                                                   Thomas Alva Edison

Edison was the inventor of the First Light Bulb. To make the light he used electricity, which is what they used to call new technology. In 1882 Edison company began and he started supplying electric power to new york city. By the time Edison died he held more than one thousand patents. This invention is very important because it improves productivity, enhances the quality of our life, and reduces crime rates. It was a new way to live, being able to have light in the dark or during the day without a big risk of fire hazard and lasting longer.

Automatic dishwasher

                                                    Josephine Cochran

Josephine Cochran invented the first dishwasher in 1886. She wanted to invent a new way to clean dishes in a quicker way. Josephine did accomplish that. This invention is important because it cleans dishes on its own and cleans bacteria better then hand washing. We still, to this day, use a very similar model the the basic dishwasher Josephine had invented.

Gasoline-powered automobile

                                                Charles and Frank Duryea

Charles and Frank Duryea were the inventors of the first Gasoline powered automobile On September 20th 1893. The first automobile was very important. It created a faster way to travel. This product helps carry something from one place to another. If we didn't have automobiles our traveling would take a longer time and more dangerous.

First Hand Held Camera

                                                      George Eastman

In 1888 George Eastman invented the fist hand held camera. He named the camera the Kodak. This invention is used to take pictures of the memories you have so that you can save them and remember them. This invention was important because it saves peoples memories and save times together. Also, taking pictures helps solving crimes and remembering things.


                                                    Christopher Sholes  

Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter in 1873. This invention helped people be able to write things much faster. This was very big for its time because writing things by hand took very long time and it was exhausting to have to copy things by hand. The typewriter makes this a lot easier.

First Successful powered Flight

                                               Wilbur and Orville Wright

The first successful powered flight was held by Wilbur and Orville Write in 1903. This was one of the biggest inventions in it time. They invented the power flight because they had always wanted to fly sense they were young boys. This invention was very important because it increased transportation. Also, it made it easier and faster to travel, even over seas.  

First Railroad

                                                  George Stephenson

George Stephenson invented the first railroad in 1830. A railroad is a track or set of tracks made of steel rails along which passenger and freight trains run. The railroads were powered by coal, which was held in the front. This invention was made for easier traveling and was very huge for its time. It helped people get one place to another safer than walking or with a horse, etc.

Lubricator for Steam Engine

                                                        Elijah McCoy    

Elijah McCoy invented the steam engin in 1872. McCoy invented this because it allows trains to run faster with less maintenance. This helped a lot to make travels faster. Having this invention made it a less harder job to conduct. We still to this day use railroads to travel, and he made it a faster travel.

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