'Twas the Night Before Tip-off

So totally lame, cliché, dumb, etc…

But I had to. My wife accused me of being more excited for this NBA season than our wedding. So my response to ease her concerns was to write how excited I am about the NBA season...


‘Twas the night before tip-off and all through Cleveland
Cavs fans grew excited for this off-season to end
The banners were hung on downtown buildings with care
In hopes that a playoff run soon would be there

LeBron’s Beats by Dre nestled firm to his head
While K-Love drained some practice threes before going to bed
Dion in his warm-ups and Kyrie in his cap
Had just woken up from their short Autumn nap (sorry other players; the original poem doesn’t have many characters)

When out in the streets there arose such a clatter
Coach Blatt sprang from his office to see what was the matter
Away to the windows of the Q he did flee
To steal a sight of the events in the street

The moon on the asphalt of Huron Road
Made sparkle broken glass and salt crystals below (you know that stuff doesn’t disappear after winter)
When what to his wondering eyes did he see
But crowds from East Fourth, the Horseshoe, and Ohio City (and everywhere else…)

They gathered and cheered, anticipation brimming
One could even swear that Cleveland sports fans were grinning (that one’s a stretch)
Then Gamblin’ Griff (nickname copyright pending) with Ahmad to assist
Summoned the players – that’s one sexy list

Now LeBron, now Kevin, now Kyrie and Dion
On Andy, TT and Shawn Marion
(his full name made the syllables sound better)
On Miller, on Jones, on Brendan and Alex,

Now Lou, now Price, now Delly and Harris

To the tops of their heads fans’ mouths seemed to open
Just amazed silence, no words needed spoken
With a roster full of talent that we haven’t seen for a while
We can’t help but wonder, we can’t help but smile (cringing as I write this)

So we’re twenty-four hours away from the tip
Just one day removed from Cavs vs. Knicks
The stage is set, the message is clear: