Biography Projects
(iPad Friendly)

Students find an image of their person and add targets to that image to link to sites with more information, video recordings of themselves talking about the person, a Chatterpix video of that person "saying" a famous quote, a map showing where they lived/worked, a picture of that person's major contribution or achievement to their field, etc.

Bonus: Have students specifically create a background image using Keynote, Popplet, or another image creation tool. Students should consider the types of information they want to share and create an image that will provide the best showcase for it.

Have students come up with 5 interview questions for their person that capture the important parts of the person's life (accomplishments, events, etc.). Students write the answers as that person would say them, and create a separate ChatterPix for each questions, using the same image. Use the iPad camera to film the students asking the questions. Download each video and use iMovie to put the whole interview together.

Use with ChatterPix to create a digital museum. Have students create a video (see above) and attach it to an image of their person (be sure to have students choose different images, even if they have the same person). Post pictures on the wall, and have students go around to see each exhibit.

Students create a magazine cover to highlight their person. Talk about what makes a good headline (designed to give you enough information, but make you want to know more!). What headlines capture the important parts of that person's life?  Students could even write short articles for each headline.

After extensive research, have students log in to Today's Meet with their person's name. Pose questions and have the students answer as their person. Sample questions: How would you describe success? Who is your hero? What is your legacy?

Pin important places in the life of the historical figure. Add images, text, links, etc.

Create a virtual museum display by including images, videos, links and text to tell the story of a person's life.