Session 1

In session one we used SAM to move a blue ball from one location to another. We also identified the advantages and disadvantages of robots. Also we learned what the definition of a robot is, which in fact is slave.

Session 2

In session 2 we created a task for SAM to perform. Then teach SAM the task that we created. After we did that we had to save our task and have SAM perform our task.

Session 3

During session 3, we learned about how touch sensors work. Also we learned how to program the NXT brick. We had to then create a program for the NXT brick to run. After we created the program, all that was left was to successfully run our program.

Session 4

During session 4 we learned how to function the Ultrasonic sensor ,and how the function. We then had to create a program using the ultrasonic sensor and the NXT brick. We managed to successfully run the program on the NXT brick.

Session 5/6

We learned how computer programs operate, in session 5. Another thing that we learned was how sound sensors function. Then we created a program using the NXT brick and the sound sensor. We were able to run the program successfully.

Session 7

We used multiple sensors at once and made them run at one time, and in unison. We then created a task for the sensors to run. After that we just ran the program and had a success.