5 Photo Story

Story by Abby Kennon
and photos by Bailey Wangler

It was a cold, and gruesome morning. The night before had been chilling and full of howls threatening to destroy the wooden shutters that offered the little protection it could from the harsh elements. Nonetheless, the aftermath was beautiful. Sparkling snow glistened off of trees and blanketed the ground showing no evidence of the brown grass that had once occupied the dead ground. The houses looming across the stretch of white blended in perfectly and smoothly, mocking the bitter weather. Farther out of town the barn stood, red against the perfect flourish of white. The storm had probably threatened the barn and so needing checking for any amount of damage.

The brisk temperatures got the horses up and moving, throwing up snow and dirt wherever they jetted off to. From the fierce giddiness of the horses came the humorous, not-so-photogenic poses by the horses.  Jumping around and never ending energy proved a trying task in attempt to take a picture to capture the Along with this there were various photobombs, fallen camera shots, fogged lenses, and shots of extended noses reaching towards the camera.

At the other side of the acreage, feet of snow had piled along the sides of vehicles, demobilizing them. Hours of strenuous work and sweat was put into unburying the tires of the suburban. Eventually, the task was complete and the smooth, white surface had been broken. Winters in Iowa were brutal, nonetheless survivable. Additionally, being stuck indoors had it's glory moments. With a computer, a credit card, and a warm chair to nestle in, winter days spent inside can be spent thriftily.

Looking at the drab pair of boots in the corner of the room, stacked against the wall in a wilted, damp manner, it was evident that they had faced their last winter. Online there were thousands of stores that sold special boots, overpriced boots, and rubber boots. However, something brown and vintage fitted more so than anything. Once ordered, they arrived neatly packaged in the matter of days without a single wrinkle or stain. Finally, the time came where the boots were needed to be put into good use.

The new boots were put into good use and soon, after a hard workout, the horses were tired. Walking away, the horses retreated into the barn to settle down for the day. Exhausted and sore from the new boots, I also headed home to do the same. Overall, it was a day well spent after the storm. Another obstacle overcome, and another day put into memory.

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