April 6th 2013

April 6th, 2013

Frankee and Alonzo are two of the most explosive instructors in the whole region of the tri city El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez. Alonzo and Frankee will be at Bandoleros April 6th. This event is the talk of the town with many people expecting to experience the greatest workout of their lives.

    The event will start at 1pm starting with DJFlo (certified zumba instructor) Marco Flores mixing some of the best top 40 music. The instructors will hit the stage at 2pm which is expected to be one of the most electrifying events here in the El Paso area. The instructors will be in Beast mode from 2pm to 4pm.

     From 4pm to 6pm we can just sit back and relax and take pictures with the two instructors and have some drinks! Yes you read it right, BYOB so bring your drinks and let's have some fun!

You can purchase your ticket online at www.elpasozumba.com or call (915) 204-1107 for info on where you can pick up a ticket in local zumba studios in EP


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