Inferences from The Fisherman and his wife

By: Eric Blair
Jaron Pulley

In the fisherman & his wife , the wife wants everything to go her way. And  that she gets whatever she wants. The character ( The Wife)  1st wants to live in a better place and few days later she want's to live in castle.

My inference is that the wife wants everything. The fisherman always  try to please his wife with everything she wants.

My conclusion is that the fisherman (Wife)maybe see other people with nice places to stay. When she 1st says " tell that fish I want a better place to stay. Then a few days later the wife says tell that talking fish I want to be a Empress.

I think the fisherman is scared of his wife, because whatever she say he does when she told him to go see the fish and tell him she wants to make another wish.

I infer that (Fish) is no longer going to talk to the fisherman and his wife because they asked for to much & the fish finally says your wife ask for to much go home, now she is finally back in the hut by the sea.

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3 years ago