The Terrific Thomas Edison

By: Lauren    Quimio

                                                          Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison's Life
-Thomas was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio
-He was the youngest out of 7
-When he was about 49 he invented the light bulb
The light bulb
-He improved a nearly 50 years old invention,using lower current electricity, a small carbonized .
-He discovered that a carbon filament in a 0 oxygen bulb glowed but didn't burn out for 40 hours.
-Eventually he made a bulb that could glow over 1,500 hours.
-He made a reliable good source of light .
-Edison had to invent a total of 7 system elements that were critical to the practical application.
This was the development
1.the parallel circuit,
2.a durable light bulb, improved dynamo,
4.the underground conductor network
5.the devices for maintaining constant voltage fuses and insulating materials
7. light sockets with on-off switches
-for the next many years after that he worked on those elements
- in the 1880's he launched a company that hit off very fast
-by 1892 the General Electric company         [thomas's company] went very high up
-eventually he died in October 18, 1931 (aged 84)

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