Welcome to Documentary Filmmaking!

Hello Innov8ors and welcome to documentary filmmaking!

Tackk is an Innov8ive tool where you'll find all the steps you need to complete YOUR MISSIONS. Just follow the steps and click on the links to access any and all videos and presentations.


  1. Watch this trailer to preview what summer has in store for you!
  2. Hop to it with filmmaking! Watch this video to see how to use cameras. When your group is ready, Ms. Beth will hand you and a few teammates a camera. Everyone should take turns turning it on & off and recording. MAKE IT SNAPPY THOUGH, you've got lots left to do.
  3. Watch this video to see how to use the tripod. Your crew will then get a tripod. Practice setting it up, mounting the camera, and angling the tripod.
  4. Start filming! What kind of shots should you film? Well, this informative AND EXTREMELY HILARIOUS video is a helpful starting place and this presentation is a gr8 place to start if you've forgotten those tips and tricks.
  5. Tomorrow, you'll learn how to label your shots in iMovie and upload to Edmodo! :)
  6. GET INNOV8ING AND ENJOY! ALWAYS do a boogie in your seat after you've successfully completed a mission!