Taylor Swift Social Media

Susan Shibut, Ben Sparrowgrove, Maya Chatterjee

This article outlines how Taylor Swift uses social media to reach out to her fans, both by posting things and responding to posts about/to her. She often reposts, reblogs, comments on, favorites, or likes photos, statuses, or memes that reference her or or lyrics. She also closely follows posts that use her hashtags, such as #taylurking, a popular tag that fans use when they tweet about following others' social media. Her random replies and acknowledgment to fans makes her social media particularly interactive and makes fans feel involved with her life.


Facebook: 71,363,365 likes, 9 liked pages, 1,478 posts

Instagram: 32,642,429 followers, following 61, 545 posts (49 in the last 30 days)

Net Worth: $200million

What She Posts

Her posts are mostly photos and videos, particularly of her shows and events such as parties which she attends. She post too many text posts, but she does comment regularly.

Taylor Swift retweets a lot of posts of people covering her songs and comments on others' posts about her, whether it be a meme, article, or photo. This lets her interact with fans easily.

Where She Promotes Herself

Taylor Swift promotes herself mainly by going on tours and performing concerts, but she also attends elite parties (such as the Girl Crush Big Little Town party she tweeted about) and is a common guest on talk shows, most commonly "Ellen".

Target Market

Taylor's fans are primarily teen and preteen girls from affluent communities.

Taylor's biggest fanbase is in America, but she also has large fan bases internationally, including in Australia, Canada, and Japan.


A celebrity endorsement is when a company pays a celebrity to publicly support their brand, product, or store.

Companies that Taylor Swift endorse includes Keds, Covergirl, Body by Milk, and Coke. For all thses companies Taylor has featured heavily in ad campaigns. For Keds she has posted about it on her social media, and for Covergirl she has mentioned it several times in interviews, including on Ellen, as Ellen is also a covergirl.

Taylor is known for having a very clean, elegant style. She mentioned several times in articles with style magazines that looking classy and healthy is very important to her body and self image. This value is reflected in her endorsements for Body by Milk, Keds, and Covergirl. She's also known for having a very classic style, so old school Coke in glass bottles is a fitting endorsement for her to pursue.

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