Monday Memo

Curriculum Focus

Depth o Knowledge....

  • DOK is about complexity.....not difficulty! The DOK Levels chart that you received from Ashley French focuses a lot on the verbs. While verbs may appear to point to a DOK level, it is what comes after the verb that is the best indicator of the rigor/DOK Level.  After our LLT meeting this month, you will be receiving a Rigor Matrix with curricular examples: Applying Webb's Depth-of Knowledge Levels to Bloom's Cognitive Process Dimensions. T
  • If there is only one correct answer, it is probably level DOK 1 or DOK 2.
  • DOK 1:  You either know it (can recall it, locate it, do it) or you don't.
  • DOK 2: (conceptual): Apply one concept, then make a decision before going on applying a second concept.
  • If more than one solution/approach, requiring evidence, it is DOK 3 or 4
  • DOK 3: Must provide supporting evidence and reasoning (not just HOW solved, but WHY - explain reasoning).
  • DOK 4: All of "3" plus use of multiple sources or texts.


Make sure you check out CPALMS for great STEM lessons. Remember the point is for the students to work collaboratively and be cognitive engaged.

Important Information


This Week....



Wednesday: 2:15 SAC (Media Center);6:30 PTO; Principals will be coming to our school doing Classroom



Coming Up...

Monday 9/22: Panhandle Educator will be here to give us breakfast:)

Tuesday 9/23: New Teachers Meeting at 2:30 in my office

Wednesday 9/24:   LLT Meeting

Thursday 9/25: Grade Level Meetings

Friday 9/26: Leader of the Month; Leader Landing

Reflection Question

Think about our grading system....There is a 10 pt difference from an A, B, C, D. However, an F has a 59 point difference (59-0). Is that fair? Do you think a student can recover if they receive a zero? I challenge you to talk with your grade level about this.....what if the lowest F you can give was a 50??? Your thoughts...


Now that you have some data...your WIGS should be written and posted. We have a data wall( next to ITV) where we will post the WIGS after they have been displayed on a bulletin board for the 1 nine weeks.