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Experience Walking My Neighbors Dog For Her at the Ag School Trail

For a week while my neighbors were on vacation I walked their dog everyday. For the days the snow was actually melting I got to go up to the AG school trail. While at the AG school I got to see the farm animals and all the nice sites the snow made. When it got pretty cold I had to walk around the block which was not as exciting but it was fine. I have never had a dog so I usually don't get to take quiet walks like I did with my new pal Charlie. Although I felt like I was freezing to death I enjoyed my time with nature and Charlie. Charlie is a great dog who reintroduced me to nature. I forgot how nice the AG school trail was and thoroughly enjoyed my time in nature. The picture was taken by my brother in their backyard since I tried to take selfies with Charlie but he kept trying to jump on my face and lick me so that was no longer an option. I cant wait for my neighbors to go out of town so I can play with Charlie and take some nice long walks in nature. Walking Charlie was my best experience so far but I wish these walks could have been in some warmer weather.


In recent years the wind power industry has seen a decline. The need for energy has greatly declined in the US and around the world. Although while at its peak it employed up to 87,000 workers but in recent years companies have had to lay off workers every year. They are coming up with new inventions to put wind power in new places but these cost a lot of money and the demand is very low and cheap prices from Asian markets and natural gas also undermining the wind industry. The companies are taking another hit with the elimination of their tax reductions. The senate plans on taking wind power off its crutch and making it less of a competition with other sources of energy as its taxes get raised.

I am doing a project in English on wind power and its sad to hear the decline in the company. Wind power is such a great way to get energy and it employs thousands of people in the US. Hopefully it can gain its momentum back in the business sector and be able to reemploy its laid off workers. I always enjoy driving past the massive windmills on the way to Florida or while dropping my sister off at ISU. The government should continue to help the companies so we can keep wind power as a competitive resource in the energy community. Lets hope the future holds better things for the wind power industry.


In recent winters California has experienced dryness. California depends on their usual winter rains to help their environment. This is said to be the sixth driest winter since 1895. Scientist say this dry spell is caused by pacific winds coming in off the coast causing low and high pressure to mix not allowing moisture into the air. Scientist are also debating this as some say this is the cause of global warming though there are almost no factors going on right now that compare to typical global warming conditions. A main factor in some scientist arguments are the soil moisture levels. The scientist behind this article say if soil moisture level is all other are basing their argument off of its a pretty weak and invalid argument. The article written is still being submitted journals to be judged by others but as of right now its all the view of a certain group of scientist.

This is very interesting. I like how there are two sides arguing against each other because I enjoy a good debate. This article is cool since it is about such a relevant and important topic in todays society. I believe the side of the author in this work that its from natural nature conditions and not from global warming. Future insight into the article by scientist will be interesting to see their opinions too. Maybe ill follow up on this but most likely not for I will forget but I enjoyed the article and the relevance to today since global warming is an issue we should all be worried about.

Can you visit our beans over the weekend for us I don't want them to dry out!

By Brian Kettering

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Sorry, I did not visit your beans :( Plus, it's pretty neat that your article said that they are thinking about the moisture in the soil...isn't dirt great! :) 50/50

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hey cute dog!!