Jalen Testerman

Have you ever seen a group of kids being bullied and you did nothing to stop it. You are called a bystander. The holocaust was a very tragic thing that happened during 1933. A Jewish historian, Yehuada Bauer once said, "Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be an oppressor. But most of all thou shalt not be a bystander. It is important not to be a bystander because it shows that you don't care. It relates to the holocaust because it shows how tons if witnesses saw tragic events and did nothing to stop it.

Have you ever met someone different than you but you became friends anyway. If you were friends with a Jew during the holocaust you would be frowned upon. In the book the boy in the striped pajamas the German Bruno, the other a Jew shmuel. One day Bruno says " this is the strangest friendship I've ever had." This quote supports the theme because it shows how even if someone is different than you does not mean you treat them any less than what there are.

Another thing, have you ever tried to cheer yourself up in a really bad situation? Well in the movie Life is beautiful the character Guido and his son are taken to a concentration camp. There he tricks his son into thinking its a game. "Stay hidden it's 200 points". This quote supports the theme because it shows how in a really bad situation you can always try to cheer yourself up.

Last but not least, Have you ever tried to to stop something bad but they overpowered you? During the holocaust Jews and many others tried to stop the Nazis even if they overpowered them. in the book the "Wave" David was part of the wave and his girlfriend was not. One day he lashed out at her and hurt her. "David stop the wave". This quote supports the holocaust because it shows how people responded to the holocaust.

The message of this quote is not to be a bystander because it shows that you don't care or have better things to do. people should take immediate action when they see any form of bullying. Lets try to stop or prevent this horrible tragedy from happening again. If we try to stop bullying less people will get hurt. How would you feel?

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