Peter Maatouk Established Maatouks Law Group In 2002

Peter Maatouk is the Principal Director of Maatouks Law Group, the leading law firm in New South Wales, Australia. He set up the law firm in 2002 with the aim to provide sound legal representation to people struggling to deal with their legal issues. Being a qualified solicitor and barrister himself, he knows what it takes to resolve even the most complicated cases.

At Maatouks Law Group, Peter Maatouk offers his clients the best of both worlds – reliable legal assistance and a competitive fee. There are very few law firms in the region that provide legal solutions at such a reasonable fee. Through his vast experience in the legal industry, Peter Maatouk has successfully handled a wide range of cases pertaining to Consumer Credit Law, Debt Recovery, Disputed Estates, Building Law, Family Law, Wills and Estates, Insurance Law, Litigation, and several other legal matters.

At present, Peter Maatouk has a broad client base, including local residents as well as corporate entities based in Sydney. As a part of his legal services; he promptly replies to his clients' letters, sends them the copies of important correspondence; frequently writes to them on the progress of their matter; fixes meetings to discuss important details of their case; and does a lot more to ensure a favorable outcome for them.

Besides his expertise and in-depth knowledge, his clients highly regard him for the courtesy and respect with which he treats them. Other than Maatouks Law Group, he owns three more companies, namely – Maatouks Home Loans, Maatouks Realty, and Maatouks-Online Divorce. All these firms hold the top position in their respective sectors, which clearly represents Peter's incredible business management skills and proficiency.

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