today is December 7, 1941 it has been the most unbelievable day ever here at Pearl Harbor. Early this morning the Japanese raided us dropping bombs on our ships. Oh dear god we lost so many great men. My brothers my friends, so many innocent lives. I've never been so scared in all my life. I was lucky to have escaped this attack today. I was right beside so many of those who lost their life I am still so amazed that I lived today that god saved me allowed me to live.

It makes me question my faith god why did you allow this to happen. Why did so many people die today? Why did this happen to us god? I have no answers for this only pain and sorrow I want to cry but I cant so weakness not here not now. Everyone needs us to be strong for our people our country.

Today we met with the generals we are going to war with Japan for what they did. They attacked us on our land killed our people now we go and take out their army. I'm going there to fight for all my fallen friends to get the justice for them for what they deserve. They didn't deserve to die they had family wives children that lost their parents. I will fight for them all of them.

I'm so angry I have all this rage inside me these people attacked and killed our loved ones. They had no right to do this. We are going to war with them. They will pay for what they did to us. They attacked the United States they will not get away with this. I love my country and my people.

Oh god today they told us that Germany and Italy have joined in and declared war on us. I know we are strong that we have a powerful army. But I'm scared so scared I don't want to die. There has been so much blood shed and lives lost already and I know that its only going to get worse. I pray to god that he is with us all of us and that we make it thru this war alive.

I'm so torn with my emotions here in this war. Sometimes I'm so angry and ready to fight and make these people pay. But sometimes I'm so scared because I'm afraid we are not going to make it out of this alive. I don't want to die. I feel like god has left us alone to do this by ourselves.