Ten Tips on the Arabian Peninsula


The Oasis

1.) If you're a nomad, you might want to settle in the oais so you can easily grow crops.
2.) Mostly the water is found under the ground and if you live there then you need to dig really deep wells.
3.) Make sure you go to trading centers so that you can trade someone something and get something more important or what you really need.

The Mountains
4.) Mud bricks are good for houses in the mountains so I would be picking up some mud.
5.) In order to crop on the mountains you need to create terraces by building low stone walls along narrow strips of land.
6.) When you grow your crops don't forget your melons and pomegranates. while you're at it, you might want to plant some trees to produce Frankincense and myrrh.

The Desert
7.) Temperatures can reach 120 degrees fahrenheit so bring plenty of water.
8.) Camels are the best transportation. They can survive for several days without water, they can eat about anything, and carry heavy loads for long distances.

The Coastal Plains
9.) The coastal plains are great for farming. Besure you build wells, dams to irrigate the land for crops.
10.) Trade thrives on the coastal plain, so go port aden and pick up goods from the india, East africa, and lands along the Red sea and Persian

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