Persuasive Writing

Ayden needs to be noticed more because...

we need to let ayden be noticed because he helps me a lot I know your thinking why should I try to make ayden be noticed more when I don't even know him . well you can think about one of your friends that needs to be noticed more to.

Ayden should be noticed more also because when I have a sleepover or a play date he tries to make me feel like im at home. He makes me feel at home by asking me every once in a while if i'm hungry and he will ask me what I want and he will try to get is as fast as he can and that that is one example how he makes me feel at home.

Ayden needs to also be noticed more because he is nice he can be nice like if i'm on a game he will try to help me as best as he can just like my brother would . He also asks me if I want to watch a movie instead of playing a game and he even lets me pick the movie because thats

what friends do.Now you know ayden or one of your friends needs to be noticed more